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Guide to Selecting the Right Outdoor Heater- Application Considerations

  • Excessive air Movement– Wind or light breezes are perhaps the largest variable when trying to achieve comfortable heating in an outdoor or spot heating environment. The use of barricades such as wind curtains are highly recommended whenever possible.
  • Mounting Heights– Traditionally, outdoor or spot heating requires the heating equipment to be mounted lower or closer to the people.
    Lowering the equipment may result in less coverage but will offer a more focused heat pattern to the desired area. The final mounting
    height of the heater may have to be adjusted to achieve the results desired by the customer.
  • Customer expectations– Depending on the needs of the customer, more or less heaters may be required for a given application. There
    is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ solution to properly size an outdoor or spot heating application. Some customers may seek maximum comfort in extreme conditions while others may be looking to take the chill off for short exposure periods such as a designated smoking area.


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