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Commercial Pool Systems

E-clear’s patented Stack Oxygen Anode design with autocatalytic oxidation technology delivers the highest level of non-toxic sanitation than any other water sanitation system currently available for commercial pools.

With its proven stack technology e-clear has enjoyed phenomenal success world wide reducing chlorine consumption by between 98-100% and reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

The e-clear water sanitation technology has been proven through independant water testing in our large number of commercial installations. Over the last ten years e-clear has built a large domestic and commercial client base that includes many prestigious hotels, university training and polo pools, health club training and leisure pools, swim school academies, school pools and hydrotherapy spa pools worldwide.

With crystal clear healthy spring water for your swimming pool free from harmful disinfection byproducts and with NO chloramine gas produced, eclear clients are assured of increased customer satisfaction, huge savings on chemicals and an eco-friendly solution that will improve Green Star ratings.

E-clear oxygenator systems are custom made to suite specific industry requirements such as bather loads, water volume and water temperature. For commercial swimming pools eclear recommends automated pH management and filtration and turn over periods in line with international/WHO operational standards.

With every quotation eclear provides a technical recommendation and will specify the eclear oxygenator system suitable for your swimming pool based on bather load and particular requirements.



MK/CF1-500 with UV




MK/CF1-750 with UV


MK/CF1-1000 with UV


Domestic Swimming Pools

The e-clear oxygenator provides chlorine free mineral water for your swimming pool that is literally fit to drink!

No more red eyes, dried out and itchy skin and disintegrating costumes. With the e-clear oxygenator you can rest assured that your swimming pool water is healthy, crystal clear, and kind on the environment.

With e-clear home owners can reduce their water bill by back washing their precious water directly to their garden (no dilution required). Suitable for new and existing swimming pools, the domestic e-clear Oxygenator systems sanitize water volumes from up to 75,000L to 1,000,000L.

All oxygenator systems include germicidal ionization. Models with Ultraviolet (UV) are optional. With every quotation eclear provides a technical recommendation and will specify the e-clear system suitable for your swimming pool and particular requirements.

E-Clear Standard Stack Design


E-Clear UV Stack Design